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iPhone 7 Review

September 16, 2016 Gadgets, Tech

iPhone 7 dramatically improves the most important aspects of the iPhone experience. It introduces advanced new camera systems. The best performance and battery life ever in an iPhone. Immersive stereo speakers. The brightest, most colorful iPhone display. Splash and water resistance.1 And it looks every bit as powerful as it is. This is iPhone 7. The […]

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Divi 3.0 Has Arrived! Introducing The Visual Page Builder So Ridiculously Fast & Easy-To-Use You’ll Think It’s Magic

September 12, 2016 Themes, WordPress

Six months ago our team decided to go all in on a single idea, to lay our cards on the table and commit to something bigger and better than we had ever built before. We committed to building Divi 3.0. This project wasn’t about incremental improvements, it was about reinventing Divi, reinventing ourselves, learning a […]

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PNP CHIEF: Bato Dela Rosa to 35 mayors involved in drug trade: You will be treated like ordinary criminals

July 6, 2016 Government

Incoming PNP chief warned mayors involved in the drug trade He said they won’t be given special treatment, will be handled like ordinary criminals He will also appoint new regional directors who aren’t afraid of local officials coddling drug lords MANILA, Philippines – Local officials involved in the drug trade, you have been warned. Reiterating […]

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PNoy signs law for automatic PhilHealth coverage for senior citizens

July 2, 2016 Finance, Health News

President Benigno Aquino III signed into law a measure granting automatic, lifetime membership of senior citizens to Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth). In a statement Tuesday, Senator Ralph Recto, principal author of the Senate version of Republic Act (RA 10645), said Aquino signed the measure last week. Under RA 10645 or “An Act Providing for […]

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3 Workflows Entrepreneurs Should Automate with Zapier

Zapier helps you to build bridges between your favorite apps and services, allowing teams and individuals to automate more of their workflows. Every one-to-one connection made between two apps is called a “Zap” and they’re designed to make you work smarter, not harder. With over 500 apps to choose from, it’s almost impossible to choose […]

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How to Start a Freelance Writing Jobs for $0

June 28, 2016 Entrepreneur

You’ve heard the old saying: “You have to spend money to make money.” That’s true in almost every field of work, whether you want to open a restaurant or start a blog. The problem? Some people with entrepreneurial spirits have just enough to get by and not a penny more. Not everyone has a good […]

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Duterte: Impeachment? Go ahead!

June 27, 2016 Politics

DAVAO CITY (UPDATE) – President-elect Rodrigo Duterte said Monday the possibility of being ousted through impeachment does not scare him. Speaking in front of Davao City Hall employees, Duterte said he will exert all effort in implementing policies which he believes will maintain peace and order i the country “Impeachment? Go ahead! Walang problema sa […]

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Beautiful Premium Elegant WordPress Themes

June 20, 2016 Themes

Get 100% complete access to our entire collection of 87 themes for the price of one! Stellar Design Design is our art and our passion. Our goal is to create the bestWordPress Themes with a pixel-perfect eye for detail and a high standard for aesthetic excellence. Let us help you make your website simple, beautiful […]

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3 Steps to More Sales By Split Testing

June 18, 2016 Affiliate

START YOUR FREE TRIAL NOW Take a look at that last promotion you sent. Go ahead, open it up. How is your subject? Interesting enough to open? How about your call to action? So intriguing that you want to click it? Good! But opens and clicks only measure interest. They’re not your end goal. Your […]

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15 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Ask a marketer or business owner what they’d like most in the world, and they’ll probably tell you “more customers.” What often comes after customers on a business’ wish list? More traffic to their site. There are many ways you can increase traffic on your website, and in today’s post, we’re going to look at […]

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10 New Cars Coming By 2017

June 10, 2016 Cars

1. Acura NSX After what has seemed like an eternity since its 2012 introduction as a concept vehicle, the brash new Acura NSX is finally upon us with a release date by the end of 2015 as a 2016 model. Driving the rear wheels, a turbocharged V-6 and an electric motor sandwiched into the transmission […]

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Lost someone special and want a nice funeral? Why not crowdfund it?

June 7, 2016 Business, Finance, Happiness

Now this is a subject that can’t be approached lightly. We already talked about crowdfunding for medical emergencies, as well as for pets’ vet bills. As tragic as those can often be however, nothing’s sadder than losing a close and dear friend or relative. Because in those cases we’re not even talking about trying to […]

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Major Web Design Trends for the Second Part of 2016

The development of technologies along with other areas, such as graphic design, has provided new opportunities for improving the website. Some emerging issues make web designers pay attention to these opportunities. Just click on and have a look at the possible consequences of ignoring the simplest design patterns. I’m going to consider a few trends […]

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The Best Free Crowdfunding Platforms

May 22, 2016 Business, Company, Finance

Why most crowdfunding platforms are not free and have fees instead, and why is free and how we want to help you and others that are looking for a free alternative to GoFundMe and IndieGogo. However, although ‘free crowdfunding’ obviously narrows down your choice of platforms you’re looking for, it still leaves you with several options: CoverrMe […]

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Clustering Algorithms: From Start To State Of The Art

May 20, 2016 Engineering

It’s not a bad time to be a Data Scientist. Serious people may find interest in you if you turn the conversation towards “Big Data”, and the rest of the party crowd will be intrigued when you mention “Artificial Intelligence” and “Machine Learning”. Even Google thinks you’re not bad, and that you’re getting even better. […]

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Crowdfund your Debt away!

May 11, 2016 Business, Company, Finance, Money

Sometimes, life can throw you nasty curve balls: unexpected medical bills, sudden job loss, or creeping consumer debt. Financial emergencies many times snowball into something bigger: this is because unfortunately it costs money to be in debt. When your one source of income suddenly gets slashed and your spendings remain the same, “money stress” makes […]

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11 Secrets to Success in life

April 30, 2016 Successful

1. Decide upon Your True Dreams and Goals: Write down your specific goals and develop a plan to reach them. Write down my dreams and goals? Develop a plan to reach them? You mean like a project plan? Yes, that’s exactly what this means. You may have heard the old adage: A New Years resolution […]

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Top List Most Beautiful Woman in the Philippines

April 23, 2016 Entertainment

1. Angel Locsin Angel Locsin is a Filipina television and film actress, commercial model, film producer and fashion designer. 2. Liza Soberano Hope Elizabeth Soberano is a Filipino-American actress and model. She started in a range of television series and films, including Wansapanataym, Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo, She’s the One, Must Be… Love, and Got […]

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Arci Munoz shows off curves in El Nido

April 19, 2016 Entertainment

MANILA — After the success of the romantic-comedy “Always Be My Maybe,” sexy star Arci Munoz took time off work to welcome the summer. The 27-year-old actress is currently rewarding herself with a well-deserved break in the pristine beaches of El Nido, Palawan. Last week, the actress was seen traveling in Bohol, exploring the natural […]

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Emotional Sustainability in Brand and Product Design

April 16, 2016 Design

Product design is a creative discipline that challenges designers to build an aesthetic, functional and marketable product. The rapid speed of innovation has stimulated interest and change in designing the user experience. The discipline is now responsible to create a new paradigm in the product design process, as there are many more factors to explore. […]

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Free Business Productivity Tools For Startups

April 13, 2016 Affiliates, Business

Email Subscriptions & Marketing GetResponse: The internet’s most powerful email opt-in service and email marketing/broadcasting tool. This is what I use to build my email list and newsletter. Domains & Hosting Arvixed: Arvixe offers a wide range of quality web hosting solutions including Linux hosting, Windows web hosting, managed dedicated servers and e-commerce web hosting. All […]

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Facebook, Microsoft say they pay women, men equally

Facebook and Microsoft became the latest tech companies to claim that their female employees earn as much as their male counterparts. The tech industry has been criticized for favoring white males, and the figures were released ahead of Equal Pay Day on Tuesday. Lori Goler, Facebook’s head of HR, said in a post Monday that […]

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How to Create a Logo that Rocks

March 30, 2016 Calapiz Tech

There’s no doubt that the pledge of successful relationships between the designer and the client is a clearly determined general criterion for assessment of the work performed. In business, you must have a wide variety of skills: be able to draw with a marker on the board, complete the job in time, etc. But the […]

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Skills That Will help Internet Marketers Increase Their Conversions

March 29, 2016 Business, Online Marketing

Marketing is one creative venue that opens a lot of opportunities for businesses and campaigns. However, all your marketing efforts, no matter how creative they may be are worthless if it does not drive conversions. Marketing efforts without winning results for a brand is all but useless. Here are some marketing skills that should be […]

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The Biggest Cancer Causing Food Has Been Revealed, And You Eat It All The Time

March 11, 2016 Health News, Junk Foods

I know and understand that red licorice isn’t doing me any favors, but that doesn’t stop me from wolfing it down in handfuls if you put it in front of me. That’s just human nature. Do the food crime now, do the time later. But the list of food crimes keeps growing. Seems like every […]

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2016 Design Trends: New Tools, More Automation, Full Stack Design

March 7, 2016 Design

I must admit, I dislike articles dealing with design trends. Most of the time, design trend roundups cover similar topics and lack originality. But you know what? I will try to give this old idea another spin, and I will try to keep it original. This is why you might learn some things that you […]

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Five Ways To Get Rich Online

To cash in online you need to be a game-changer. When Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook, there was nothing like it. He is now worth $17.5 billion according to recent Forbes valuations. Drew Houston saw money to be made in online storage, and co-founded Dropbox, the web-based tool that hit $240 million in revenue in 2011. Eric Lefkofsky spotted the […]

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Top 5 Successful Entrepreneurs In The World

February 8, 2016 Entrepreneur, Successful

1. Bill Gates Microsoft founder Gates is the richest person in the world, with a net worth of over $77 billion – virtually all of which he intends to give away. William Henry “Bill” Gates III is an American business magnate, philanthropist, investor, computer programmer, and inventor. Gates originally established his reputation as the co-founder of […]

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Guide To Budget Friendly Data Mining

February 1, 2016 Calapiz Tech

Unlike traditional application programming, where API functions are changing every day, database programming basically remains the same. The first version of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET was released in February 2002, with a new version released about every two years, not including Service Pack releases. This rapid pace of change forces IT personnel to evaluate their […]

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The Importance Of Working Software

January 29, 2016 Software

As software developers gain more experience creating software, we learn where the strategic points of the process (the “high ground”) lie. This article shines a light on one of the strategic points so that you can deliver more customer value in less time and preserve trust in your software brand. Time Efficiency is Everything In […]

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Impostor Syndrome: How I Fool My Bosses, and You Too

January 24, 2016 Freelancing

I could see the gender topic mushrooming on the horizon. I was resigned to it. I have a short paragraph on mental speed dial for when it inevitably comes up so I can jump on the fastest plane to ‘next topic, please’…but this time I surprised myself: “I think I’d like to do a piece […]

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A Remote Worker’s Guide To Staying Healthy

Remote work, or working from home. A common dream that is becoming more and more a reality. When most people think about working in a home environment, they think they will be able to wake up late, work in their pajamas, not worry about traffic jams and so on; basically, do whatever they want. And, […]

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Hosting For Freelance Developers: PaaS, VPS, Cloud, And More

At a glance, the hosting industry may not appear exciting, but it’s grunts in data centres the world over that keep our industry going. They are, quite literally, the backbone of the Internet, and as such they make everything possible: from e-commerce sites, to smart mobile apps for our latest toys. The heavy lifting is […]

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15 Tested and Proven Ways to Build Your Subscriber List

January 19, 2016 Online Marketing

A list of engaged subscribers is one of the most effective and reliable marketing resources. A good list so valuable that it can’t be bought. Why? Because when subscribers sign up for your list, they’re signing up to hear from you and your company. Subscribers have to be earned. What are the best ways to […]

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8 Ways to Optimize Your WordPress Website

WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. The core software is built by hundreds of community volunteers, and when you’re ready for more there are thousands of plugins and themes available to transform your […]

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Facebook wants to kill the phone number in 2016

January 8, 2016 Facebook

Technically Incorrect: The head of Facebook’s Messenger chat service believes no one needs a phone number if they have, well, Messenger. I’m going to take a wild guess here. You know your own phone number, but you hardly know anyone else’s. Once you’ve put someone’s contact details into your phone, you never again consider what […]

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The fast and compact external storage. Samsung Portable SSD T3

January 5, 2016 Calapiz Tech, Tech

Portability is the key element shared among all digital devices today where everything, including you, is constantly moving. When you are always on-the-go, so should your data. Born and bred with potent portability in its core, the Samsung Portable SSD T3 is built strong and light and is equipped with a built-in security feature. Most of all, it offers […]

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DOH: Dengue vaccine available in PH starting 2nd week of january

January 4, 2016 Health News

The Department of Health has confirmed that the Dengue vaccine Dengvaxia will be available in the Philippines via private sector starting second week of January. In an interview over ABS-CBN News Channel on Monday, health secretary Janette Garin said that Dengvaxia will enter the Philippine market next week for private sector. Dengvaxia, manufactured by French […]

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Web Development Predictions for 2016: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

In the dynamic web design industry things always stay in motion. New and exciting concepts, techniques and tools are constantly being introduced. Original minds keep the industry fresh by challenging norms and coming up with innovative styles. For anyone interested in web design, marketing and online business, this means always keeping your finger on the […]

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How to make millions as a YouTube star

While YouTube stars often share the intimate details of their lives to millions of fans, there’s one thing they usually leave out: money. We hear conflicting mumblings. We hear that YouTube star PewDiePie has reportedly made$12 million, and that he’s not the only one to score a big payday. But we also hear that stars with […]

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16 Ways to be more successful in 2016

A lot of great psychological research came out in 2015. On topics ranging from productivity to leadership to team dynamics, this year’s research offers novel insights into how to be a more creative, more efficient, and more effective employee in the modern workplace. With the new year fast approaching, we rounded up the most compelling […]

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Five ways to balance a successful startup with family life

As a mother of four, I can personally attest to the challenges of building a business while trying to keep your family life on the rails. A new business is incredibly demanding. Without constant attention, it can go downhill quickly. The same goes for your family. So, is it possible to strike a balance between […]

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Graphic Design Industry Insights

The creation of a logo is a complicated process, not so much from a technical point of view, but in terms of determining a concept of your brand and choosing a professional designer. There are 5 Graphic Design market branches that you can use for creating your logo: DIY websites. Freelancers. Marketing agencies. Design studios. […]

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Top 10 Business Trends That Will Drive Success In 2016

December 11, 2015 Business, Company, Successful

For decades I have observed business trends from the stage and from the trenches. For the third consecutive year, I am pleased to share with you what I see as top business trends that leading companies embrace to drive success. In some cases, I spot trends that are starting to take shape. In other cases, […]

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5 things you should do to be successful in 2016

With the holiday season upon us, many of us will have plenty of big goals we want to accomplish in 2016. However, with the Christmas festivities now in full swing, most people will decide to wait until the New Year to start working on their goals. But with half of the office reveling in Christmas […]

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World’s First Dengue Vaccine Approved After 20 Years of Research

Sanofi’s Dengvaxia approved in Mexico; 19 countries may follow Decisions in Latin America, Asia expected in coming weeks The first vaccine against dengue fever won clearance in Mexico, an initial step toward preventing a mosquito-borne infection that puts half of the world’s population at risk. Sanofi expects more approvals in “upcoming weeks” for the product, […]

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7 tips to become a millionaire

December 10, 2015 Entrepreneur, Startup Tips

Becoming a millionaire is easier than it’s ever been. Many people have been writing me with the notion that it’s an impossible task. They say, “It’s pure luck. You have to be born into a rich family. You’ll have to win the Lotto. Your parents have to help you out a lot.” A single mother […]

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Universities suffer cyber attack

December 8, 2015 Calapiz Tech

University students across the UK have been unable to submit work, after the academic computer network known as Janet came under cyber-attack. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks began on Monday and are continuing, according to the network’s operator, Jisc. The attacks “have resulted in reduced connectivity and disruption”, says a statement on Jisc’s facebook […]

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Scientists create infertile mosquitoes

UK scientists say they have reached a milestone in the fight against malaria by creating a genetically modified mosquito that is infertile. The plan is to wipe out the insects that spread malaria to people via bites, Nature Biotechnology reports. Two copies of the mutant gene render the malaria-carrying female insect completely barren. But one […]

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What causes high blood pressure?

December 1, 2015 Health News, Uncategorized

Blood pressure is the measure of the force of blood pushing againstblood vessel walls. The heart pumps blood into the arteries (blood vessels), which carry the blood throughout the body. High blood pressure, also called hypertension, is dangerous because it makes theheart work harder to pump blood out to the body and contributes to hardening […]

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Want to Be a Web Developer? Here’s Where the Best Opportunities

November 13, 2015 Web Design & Development

With the constant talent wars waging on in major startup hubs, the ever-changing technology landscape and the skyrocketing salaries, it’s good be a web developer. But how good? Well, it depends. While there currently are approximately 18.2 million software developers worldwide (the figure is expected to balloon to 26.4 million by 2019), not all are […]

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10 Best Web Development blogs

October 30, 2015 Web Design & Development

1. Six Revisions I wouldn’t call Six Revisions a classical web development blog anymore, rather than a major news site for developers. Six Revisions publishes practical and useful articles for web developers and designers as well. Articles are published on a regular basis every 2-5 days. 2. Specky Boy The Specky Boy blog calls […]

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How To Generate Leads Online Without Spending Money

October 18, 2015 Affiliates, Money, Online Marketing

No matter what kind of business you are in, the majority of your customers and prospects are likely to be internet users. Therefore lead generation from online sources should always be a part of your marketing and sales strategy. However, most people believe that online lead generation requires a lot of money. While this is […]

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8 successful entrepreneurs who started late in life (Infographic)

October 15, 2015 Entrepreneur, Startup Tips

These successful businessmen started their journey into entrepreneurship later in their lives. The millennials are starting to dominate the demographics of many nations around the world. But in any country, there is one common observation: they are less likely to start their own businesses while still young. This could be because they are having too […]

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Need A Mood Booster? Here’re Five Ways To Get Happier Within 1 Minute

October 12, 2015 Happiness

Let’s face it – everyone hits rough spots. (Unless you are Mary Poppins, she never seemed to get upset…) You might be sailing along, happy and content and then bam! Something out of left field gets you upset. Maybe you stub your toe. Maybe you get bad news. Maybe you spill your coffee on your […]

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10 Simple Morning Exercises That Will Make You Feel Great All Day

There are lots of studies that show if you do some exercise in the morning, you will be in a better mood all day long. You will have more energy and you will certainly be a better colleague, friend or partner. One psychologistat Duke University has researched the effects of exercise on depressed patients and he […]

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10 Tips to Become a Money Magnet

October 10, 2015 Money

Here are 10 quick tips to attract more Money into your life: Money Magnet Tip #1 Appreciate Money! If even a penny shows up on the sidewalk, thank Money for the gift. Don’t worry about denomination; appreciate everything. Think of how good you feel when you’re valued for even a small gesture. It’s the same for […]

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3 Keys to Success in Life

October 8, 2015 Business, Lifestyle, Successful

Do you want to program your mind, and hack your body to stay in a positive state, a state of action taking throughout the day? I suggest you read on. We will look at 3 critical elements that successful people are doing that you can model to program your mind to be in the state of […]

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10 Best Ways to Make Money from Home (Legit)

October 7, 2015 Business, Money

10 Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home Now that we’ve talked about the things you should avoid, let’s look at a few real ways you can work from your home and make the extra cash that you and your family need. 1. Freelance Writing: Sell Your Words I may as well start with something […]

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25 Weight Loss Tips That Are Actually Evidence-Based

October 5, 2015 Health & Fitness, Lifestyle

The weight loss “industry” is full of myths. People are being advised to do all sorts of crazy things, most of which have no evidence behind them. Over the years, however, scientists have found a number of strategies that seem to be effective. Here are 26 weight loss tips that are actually evidence-based. 1. Drink […]

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Today is the last day of Google if you know it

October 3, 2015 Business, Company

Google as you know it is about to change forever… ish. The Internet giant announced Friday that it expects to transition its stock from “Google Inc” to “Alphabet” at the end of the business day, marking the official start of the next era of Google as part of a larger holding company. The company first […]

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Your credit card is going to get a lot safer as of today

October 2, 2015 Business

In the last year, Moira Cannon became a fraud magnet. She was hacked four times: once through Paypal, once through her grocery store, and twice through online shopping. “It was such a pain in the butt,” she said. “You have to track down what’s going on, you’re on the phone with your bank. Then you’re […]

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It’s Showtime Vs. Eat Bulaga! which is better? Vote Now!

September 26, 2015 TV Shows

Its Showtime – Filipinos strut and display their unique talents. [poll id=”3″] Eat Bulaga! is the longest running noon-time variety show in the Philippines produced by Television And Production Exponents Inc. and aired by GMA Network. [poll id=”3″] (Visited 186 times, 1 visits today)

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Why Is Junk Food So Popular? Here Are Three Reasons

September 24, 2015 Junk Foods

Question: If junk food is so bad for the body and bad quality overall, why is it so popular? You’d think no one would touch it.” Mimi — User Answer: That’s a really good question, and I certainly can’t say that I have the answer. I do have some thoughts on the subject — and maybe one […]

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10 Tips for Outsourcing Success

  1. Clearly define the scope and schedule for your project This might seem obvious, but any successful outsourced project always starts with a clear statement of what you are hoping to accomplish. Define your project requirements up front. Service providers need accurate, complete information to present you with realistic proposals and to quote you […]

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Is Instagram Bypass Twitter? (Infographic)

September 23, 2015 Instagram, Twitter

Twitter still has more active users than Instagram in 29 of the 33 markets tracked by GlobalWebIndex, but for how long? GWI said the four markets where Instagram holds the lead are Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Sweden, adding in an email to SocialTimes: As is often the case, the problem here is that social networks use […]

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The 3 simple ways to make more money

In the seemingly infinite universe of ways to make more money, there are really 3 easy ways to make money that are relevant to you. Learn these and you’ll know 90% of the basic options to make more money. Most people who say it’s impossible to make more money don’t realize this. Some insist that […]

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Facebook has collected your web browsing habits to target you with ads

September 22, 2015 Facebook

Here’s what we all know: Facebook knows a lot about you based on your time on its site — your age, your gender, where your work, your interests — and it uses that information to help companies sell you things. Now the social network wants to also use more of its considerable knowledge of what […]

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Pastillas Girl vs. Yaya Dub: Who’s your bet?

September 19, 2015 Entertainment

Calapiz Tech, who’s your bet among the two? Are you in favor of wacky talented Yaya Dub or hugot Pastillas girl? [poll id=”2″] Angelica Jane Yap aka the online sensation “Pastillas Girl” Maine Mendoza aka Dubsmash Queen “Yaya Dub” [poll id=”2″] (Visited 1,260 times, 1 visits today)

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Lemon Dill Chicken Recipe

Ingredients 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, (1-1 1/4 pounds) 3 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil, or canola oil, divided 1/4 cup onions, finely chopped 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 cup reduced-sodium chicken broth 2 teaspoons flour 2 tablespoons dill, chopped fresh, divided 1 tablespoon lemon juice freshly ground pepper, to taste salt, to taste Instructions Step 1 Season chicken breasts on both sides with salt and pepper. Heat 1 1/2 teaspoons oil in a large heavy skillet over […]

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7 Foods swaps to reduce bloating and get a flat stomach fast

If your belly has striped you of confidence, try to stay calm. The reason for your puffy midsection may be from bloat, and not fat. One of the worst culprits for feeling pudgy is a slow digestive system, and this is especially common among women over 40. New research shows you can get your digestion moving and beat […]

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Google might announce a new Chromecast this month

Rumor has it a second-generation Google Chromecast will be available later this month. 9to5 Google reports it acquired internal Google documents detailing and updated video streaming dongle coming this month. Chromecast is an HDMI dongle that streams content from your iOS and Android apps directly to your TV screen. The device was first introduced two […]

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Scientists seek permission to genetically modify embryos

UK scientists are seeking permission to genetically modify human embryos for the first time. Researchers at The Francis Crick Institute in London want to use a controversial genetic technique to carry out research into infertility. The embryos would be destroyed after the research and not implanted into the womb. The government’s fertility watchdog said it […]

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Smoking ‘risk factor for type 2 diabetes’

Smokers who quit could lower their risk of type 2 diabetes in the long term, research suggests. The data, from almost six million people, adds to growing evidence that smoking and type 2 diabetes are linked. If the link is proven, efforts to reduce smoking could have a big impact on tackling diabetes worldwide, say […]

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Pastillas de Leche Recipe

September 17, 2015 Recipes

Learn how to make this all time-favorite Pinoy snack without bitterness. There are many ways to prepare Pastillas de Leche, some uses goat’s milk and some, carabao’s milk. This recipe is “kid-friendly” and easy to follow. Here’s how to make your milky treat: Ingredients 2.5 cups powdered milk 1 small can or 200ml can condensed milk sugar Instructions […]

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8 Ways to Improve Your Brain Power

September 13, 2015 Personal Improvements

Don’t you wish you had more control over your brain? From idea generation and meetings to crunching numbers and copywriting, there are a lot of different situations in which more focus and improved cognitive function would prove beneficial. It would allow you to get more done in a shorter amount of time, and come up […]

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Who Will Suffer Most From Climate Change? (Hint: Not You)

September 4, 2015 Energy

A few years ago Melinda and I visited with a group of rice farmers in Bihar, India, one of the most flood-prone regions of the country. All of them were extremely poor and depended on the rice they grew to feed and support their families. When the monsoon rains arrived each year, the rivers would […]

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NASA’s Laser Communication Tech for Spacecraft

NASA spacecraft may soon be able to beam their data home to Earth blazingly fast — with lasers! In space, a slow data connection means more than just annoyingly long video-loading times. It can cause frustration and mistakes on the International Space Station, according to a new NASA study — and it’s forcing scientists to […]

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Japanese Morning Banana: Lose 10 Kg in Two Weeks Without Exercise

September 1, 2015 Health & Fitness

When the book of banana eating routine turned out in Japan, it became a big hit. In this book is depicted the genuine story of a Japanese man Hitoshi Watanabe, who lost 18kg in only a couple of months with the assistance of this eating regimen. Why did this eating regimen turn out to be […]

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Facebook announces new tools to tackle video theft

August 31, 2015 Facebook

Facebook has announced measures to tackle video piracy on its website. The company said new video matching technology would alert selected content creators if their videos were reposted to Facebook without permission. In August, YouTube star Hank Green wrote a blog criticising the company over its slow response to video piracy. Brady Haran, who runs […]

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Couples in lasting relationships share one important trait

Study after study has shown that laughing is good for the soul. But now we know something else: sharing giggles with a romantic partner keeps the lovey-dovey feelings going, according to a study published in the journal Personal Relationships. Laura Kurtz, a social psychologist from the University of North Carolina, has long been fascinated by the […]

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How Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Richard Branson Cope With Stress (Infographic)

August 30, 2015 Stress

They say it’s lonely at the top. It’s incredibly stressful, too. Sitting at the helm of a company, all eyes are on you. Grueling work, long hours and extreme responsibility weigh heavily. The pressure is on. How you cope with it can make or break you — and your business. Jeff Bezos deals with stress […]

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Soft Drink Dangers: 8 Ways Soda Negatively Affects Your Health

August 27, 2015 Health News

Each sip of soda doesn’t come without health risks to various parts in the body. Photo courtesy of Term Life Insurance Soda is one of the most consumed beverages in the United States, second only to water. Here in the States, Americans guzzle 57 gallons of soda per person every year, as if it wasn’t […]

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Burst of plasma on the sun looks weirdly like the Eiffel Tower

August 23, 2015 World

The plume of plasma, which is much larger than Earth, wiggled above the sun for about two days from Aug. 17 to 19. “At times, its shape resembled the Eiffel Tower,” NASA said in a statement. “Other lesser plumes and streams of particles can be seen dancing above the solar surface as well.” Photographer Göran […]

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Networking Is a Contact Sport

August 22, 2015 Networking

Many entrepreneurs belong to networking organizations, but they simply don’t know how to effectively get a return on that investment of time. Thoughtful engagement is the answer. Engagement is an absolutely critical step in the networking process. It involves a promise and an action. In order to achieve success with your networking partners, you must promise […]

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5 Signs Your Corporate Culture is Doomed

August 21, 2015 Company

There has been a lot of interest in corporate culture this week. The recent coverage on the culture of Amazon has people talking about and sharing what motivates them as employees and what they expect from the environment their employers foster. As companies of all shapes and sizes continue to compete for world class talent, […]

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Life Lessons Entrepreneurial Parents Can Teach Children

If you own your own business, it’s a great idea to hire your own kids and test their ability to handle responsibility. But even if you’re kids aren’t ready to be put to work, entrepreneurial parents can teach kids a lot more than just the in’s and out’s of their own business. Mom of three Kendra Doersam, founder […]

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3 Simple Tips to Boost Your SEO on YouTube

As you’ve probably heard before, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the entire world. That means  aside from Google (which owns YouTube) no website is used more frequently each month than YouTube. In fact, the most recent statistics suggest Google attracts an estimated 1.1 billion unique monthly visitors. YouTube brings in approximately 1 billion. That’s […]

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How To Post To Facebook From WordPress

August 15, 2015 Plugins, WordPress

Writing and publishing posts on WordPress takes enough time on its own. Having to then go to Facebook and post links can become so time consuming that it can be difficult to get it all done. When you add on top of that the need to schedule your posts for specific times, meaning you schedule […]

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Ways to Improve Your Life for Tomorrow

he one thing we should always do, as long as we are breathing, is to look for ways to grow and maximize our potential. Here are five ways to improve your life for tomorrow. 1. Get connected with your why. Connecting with your why will help you to increase your energy levels, think more clearly and be able […]

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5 Top Tourist Attractions in the Philippines

August 12, 2015 World

1. Banaue Rice Terraces Boracay may be a small island, but it packs great features such as award-winning beaches, beautiful resorts and great adventures like cliff diving, parasailing, motorbiking, horse riding, snorkeling, kite surfing and scuba diving. If that is not enough, boat tours allow visitors to watch stunning sunsets, explore volcanic caves and remote […]

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She Suffered From A Year-Long Crippling Migraine; Until Doctors Discovered Her Real Condition

34-year-old Jade Stevens thought it was just a plain migraine. But it was too painful it left her feeling wobbly and listless. For months since late 2013, she endured this crippling condition. When she went to the doctor to have herself checked, they insisted she had nothing to worry about and just prescribed her with […]

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The beginning of a dangerous game in China

August 11, 2015 Finance

China has devalued its currency, the yuan, by 2%. The People’s Bank of China said in a statement that it would now allow the yuan to float closer to a market rate. It had been pegged to the dollar. This is the beginning of a dangerous game. The devaluation of the yuan is likely to […]

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Top 4 Basic SEO Principles That Increase Your Website Traffic

August 10, 2015 SEO

Blogger conferences have been a great resource for me as an entrepreneur. In July, New York City was host to two huge blogger events, BlogHer and Blogger Bash, where more than 5,000 bloggers gathered to meet with brand representatives and attend sessions to hone their online skills. Sheryl Simonitis, vice president of marketing at Noodle, a […]

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The Bedtime Routines of 3 Exceptionally Successful People

Weird fact: Mariah Carey sleeps about 15 hours a night. That’s about double the recommended minimum. The Grammy Award-winning pop siren snoozes more than half the day away for one reason and one reason only: so she can hit her ear-piercingly high high notes. Apparently it works, mostly. “I’ve got to sleep 15 hours to […]

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9 Success Habits of Wealthy People That Cost Nothing

August 8, 2015 Habits

Have you ever you wondered how certain people have gotten so successful? Sure you have. A great idea, motivation, persistence, and a little luck helps, but most successful people share certain habits. Here are nine habits that have helped place them on the top: 1. They meditate. Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Associates, told The Huffington Post in […]

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Simple Reasons Your Blog Still Isn’t Getting Traffic

Here’s the number one complaint after starting a new blog: Why aren’t we getting traffic?! I’ve heard this complaint once. I’ve heard it a million times. Eager blog writers get burned out, discouraged, and quit. The decline is simple: They start a blog. The traffic does not materialize. The blog fizzles and dies. The why-am-I-not-getting […]

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Facebook builds drone for internet access

August 3, 2015 Tech

Facebook has built its own drone that will bring internet connectivity to remote parts of the world, the social network has announced. The drone – which has a wingspan of a Boeing 737 – will operate as high as 90,000 feet in the air, and can stay airborne for 90 days at a time. Facebook […]

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Ways to Protect Your Heart From Arthritis

August 1, 2015 Health & Fitness, Health News

Inflammation linked with arthritis can raise your heart disease risk, but a healthy lifestyle and the right treatment can help protect your heart. Want to keep your heart healthy? Watch your weight, eat right, and quit smoking. When you are diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis or RA, you may be getting a double dose of bad news. […]

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Taking Care of Your Sexual Health

Sexual health, like emotional, mental, and physical health, is one important dimension of overall health. Sexual health. For some people any sex topic is off-limits. But others, including the World Health Organization, consider sexual health an essential dimension of human health and well-being. From concern over how to have comfortable, enjoyable sex to questions about […]

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The evolution of Windows startup sounds, from Windows 3.1 to 10

Every Windows operating system release from Windows 3.1 to Windows 8 has shipped with a startup sound. Hearing the chimes assures you that your computer is working and starting up properly. With the release of Windows 10, the startup music is no more. You won’t hear a single beep when you power up a PC […]

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Ways to Make Money Online in 6 Easy Steps

July 29, 2015 Affiliates

A staggering $2.1 billion in affiliate marketing fees were paid to blog and website owners in 2008. This finding in a recent study by Jupiter Research confirms what many savvy Internet marketers have known for a while: Affiliate marketing has become one of the top business opportunities online because the startup costs are so low […]

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10 deadly foods you probably have in your kitchen

July 27, 2015 Foods, Health News

Humans are one of the few creatures on this planet who have the capability of ignoring our basic survival instinct. We jump out of perfectly good airplanes — something that still sets off alarms in the most veteran skydivers — and we push ourselves to the edge of death and back with physical demands on […]

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Avocado Oil That Protects You From Cancer

July 25, 2015 Health News

The alpha linolenic (ALA) and the omega 3 fatty acids contained in avocado oil have been found to stop tumor growth in colon and breast cancer. Vitamin E also in avocado oil also suppresses growth of cancer cells. Studies also show that vitamin E and beta carotene can significantly reduce the risk of lung and […]

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Soft Drinks and Disease

July 24, 2015 Healthy Drinks

Soft drinks are the beverage of choice for millions of Americans, but sugary drinks increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic conditions. People who consume sugary drinks regularly—1 to 2 cans a day or more—have a 26% greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes than people who rarely have such […]

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Ways to Make Money Fast On The Internet: 4 Methods That Really Work!

We don’t believe in “get rich quick” schemes, nor in “magic formulas”. That being said, we do think it is possible to make money fast on the Internet, especially if you are willing to put in some effort. Below we cover 4 methods that really work. Again, they won’t make you rich overnight, but they […]

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5 Tips for Taking the Leap to Full Time Freelancing

July 22, 2015 Freelancing

Freelancing full time sounds like a great idea. Indeed, there are a lot of positives: you have a great boss, you make your own timetable, and you can work exactly when and where you want. However, there are many things most freelancers wish they’d known when they started out, and many pitfalls to be avoided. […]

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8 Best Freelancing Websites 2015

July 21, 2015 Outsourcing

The concept of Freelancing has evolved over the years and with the advent of technology, digital nomads are flocking towards opportunities. The internet has something to offer for everyone and it is now easier than ever before to outsource your work or make some money on the side working on someone else’s project. Freelancers Union […]

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Add “Subscribe & Connect” social icons to the Primary Navigation Menu

This tutorial will show you how to add the Font Awesome based social icons to your Canvas Primary Menu area, note this tutorial will only work on Canvas v5.2 and above . Use this tutorial for Canvas v5.2+ as it uses Font Awesome for it’s social icons Step 1: Open your themes functions.php file and […]

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Center The Canvas Primary Navigation Menu Items

This tutorial will show you how to center the Primary Navigation menu elements in Canvas. Below is a screenshot of the standard layout of the canvas Primary Navigation Menu which displays to the left. Add this css below to your child theme. /* DESKTOP STYLES —————– Add styles inside the media query below that you […]

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Can Hot Dogs Cause Cancer?

July 17, 2015 Health News

75% of all Americans do not even eat five servings a day of fruits or vegetables. That is bad enough. It is even worse with cancer patients. A study of over 9,000 survivors of six different types of cancer showed that only 15% to 19% were meeting the “5-A-Day” recommendation. That means that 81% to […]

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Best Trending Ways To Earn Money Online

Auctions users Two popular auction sites including eBay and eBid, eBay is still the biggest. Some people make a living with online auctions, especially eBay, by selling large volumes of products and becoming PowerSellers. Anyone can register on eBay or other auction site and sell their personal belongings and even resell items bought at flea […]

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11 tips for freelance success

July 12, 2015 Outsourcing, Successful

Although I never called myself a freelancer, I preferred the term “consultant,” for more than a decade I was a self-employed sole proprietor. Along the way, I picked up a number of tips on how to be successful when you have to earn your living without a regular paycheck: 1. Change your mindset. Consider yourself […]

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6 Home Remedies to Increase Sperm Count

June 25, 2015 Health News

1. Maca Root Maca root of the black variety can help improve sperm production and motility. It is a popular fertility herb that helps balance the hormones. Take 1 to 3 teaspoons of maca root in 2 divided doses for a few months daily. You can add it to a glass of water, a healthy smoothie […]

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10 Most Common Health Hazards of Freelancing

June 20, 2015 Freelancer, Health News

For most of us, freelancing is a dream come true. We work from home, set our own hours and are our own boss. The flip side of this however isn’t all that attractive. What we don’t realize (read choose to overlook) is that freelancing involves working more hours than a conventional desk job, there’s no […]

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Did you know the American Cancer Society now reports the chances of getting cancer are now 1 in 2 for men, and 1 in 3 for women ? Those staggering numbers indicate a growing epidemic in the U.S., but it isn’t time to throw in the towel. In their annual cancer progress report, The American Association for Cancer Research […]

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Tips to Help You Succeed In Making Money with Your Passion

The biggest criticism that this generation of ours faces is that we are selfish. Many of us are running after money, and we are obsessed with technology. This criticism primarily comes from a generation of people who did any work that was available to them, instead of following their hearts and doing what they loved. […]

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A Farmer Suddenly Died From Tick Bite, But What Doctors Discovered Later Left Them Terrified

June 17, 2015 Health News

Ticks are one of the most disgusting parasites out there tormenting animals, even us humans. Not just they suck out blood, ticks are also vectors of a number of illnesses such as Lyme disease. But the real horror doesn’t stop there as one man mysteriously died from a tick bite. Yes, you read it right. A tick bite! […]

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10 Most Effective Fat Burning Foods

June 1, 2015 Health & Fitness

Did you think chocolate, usually perceived as an unhealthy food, would be on the list? How about avocados – have you been told that it would ADD fat to your body? Don’t both have a lot of fat? The answer is yes, but it’s the good fat. We know that spices taste good – but […]

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WordPress owner buys WooCommerce plugin to power ecommerce

May 31, 2015 Tech, WordPress

Automattic, the company behind, announced Tuesday that it is acquiring the team and company behind the popular WooCommerce WordPress plugin. WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that lets site owners turn their self-hosted WordPress website into a bonafide online store. Launched in 2011 by WooThemes, WooCommerce has become a force in the ecommerce space. Not […]

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Tips for Designing Your Website to Serve Every Customer Individually

May 25, 2015 Online Marketing

Current research shows that 40 percent of consumers buy more from retailers who personalize their shopping experience across channels. Additionally, nearly three in four, or 74 percent, of online consumers get frustrated with websites when the content that’s displayed has nothing to do with their interests. It is clear that a personalized website is an advantage […]

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Cigarette Ingredients – Most Source of Killing

Chemicals in Tobacco Smoke There are over 4,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke and at least 69 of those chemicals are known to cause cancer. The list of 599 additives approved by the US Government for use in the manufacture of cigarettes is something every smoker should see. Submitted by the five major American cigarette companies […]

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14 Things Successful People Do On Weekends

Here are 14 things successful people do (or should be doing) on weekends: 1. Make time for family and friends. This is especially important for those who don’t spend much time with their loved ones during the week. 2. Exercise. Everyone needs to do it, and if you can’t work out 4 to 5 days […]

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Backup Creator Best Backup WordPress Plugin

May 23, 2015 Plugins, WordPress

Backup. Clone. Protect. WordPress plugin makes it simple for you to backup, restore and protect your WordPress blogs and sites anytime you want with just a few easy clicks… “Simple. Safe. Secure.” Point, click and relax knowing your WordPress sites are safe and secure: Now with automatic scheduling, FTP, Amazon S3 and Dropbox support! Instant […]

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Best WordPress Plugins for Web Developers

Prizm Image The Prizm Image plugin lets you reduce the file size of your images by up to 70% while maintaining resolution and visual quality. More Info Disable Comments Allows administrators to globally disable comments on their site. Comments can be disabled according to post type. Multisite friendly. More Info Broken Link Checker This plugin […]

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Top 7 Unhealthy Foods to Avoid

Eating bad foods can make you feel like crap, lead to weight gain and cause all sorts of health problems. Here are 7 unhealthy foods you should avoid like the plague. 1. Added Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup You’re probably not surprised to see sugar at the top of the list. In the last […]

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iPage Web Hosting – Best Web Hosting 2015

May 22, 2015 Business, Web Hosting

Since 1998, iPage has been a leader in the website hosting industry by providing fast, reliable unlimited hosting with a FREE domain name at a great price. What I Need From A Web Host Unlimited hosting space Unlimited data transfer Host unlimited domains Free domain registration Free SiteLock security suite Free point & click site […]

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Our Top 10 food best trends for 2015…

May 17, 2015 Foods

1. Poutine A Canadian import, Poutine is, in its purest form, chips, gravy and cheese curds – serious comfort food. However, we’re starting to see the bar raised with exciting extra toppings such as pulled pork, kimchi or coq au vin. 2. The new burger This year we’ll be going beyond the beef burger. First we had tiny sliders, then posh burgers. Now we’re putting […]

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Top 5 Best Outsourcing Companies 2015

1. Upwork Find freelancers and freelance jobs on Upwork – the world’s largest online workplace where savvy businesses and professional freelancers go to work. 2. Elance Access over 2 million skilled freelancers from around the world. Find rated web developers, mobile programmers, designers, writers, translators, marketing pros. 3.  Guru Here’s a glimpse of the over […]

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Google reportedly wants to put a ‘Buy’ button in your search results

If Google has its way, you could find a ‘Buy’ button accompanying those search results very soon. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the search giant will introduce buy buttons in search results some time in the next few weeks, citing sources familiar with the rollout. The buttons would appear alongside paid search results […]

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Google Required Mobile Responsive Websites

April 25, 2015 Web Design & Development

Why Mobile Responsive website is very important? Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results […]

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Grow your traffic and revenue with the Long-term Revenue Framework

April 6, 2015 Money

We hear from publishers around the world that they are looking to grow their site traffic and increase revenue. To help you accomplish these goals, we’d like to share the Long-term Revenue Framework—a tool often used by our AdSense optimization experts. The Long-term Revenue Framework below is a simple, but powerful framework to help you […]

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How to stop spam comments in WordPress

April 5, 2015 Plugins, WordPress

Another popular solution to fight spam is Antispam Bee“ – Matt Mullenweg, Q&A WordCamp Europe 2014. Antispam Bee Easy and extremely productive spam-fighting plugin with many sophisticated solutions. Includes protection again trackback spam. Here is the configuration how to stop spam comments immediately. (Visited 67 times, 1 visits today)

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How to Place multiple markers on a Google Map

In this example we are displaying multiple markers on the map, with each marker being clickable to display the info window. The HTML <div id=”map_wrapper”> <div id=”map_canvas” class=”mapping”></div> </div> The CSS #map_wrapper { height: 400px; } #map_canvas { width: 100%; height: 100%; } The JS jQuery(function($) { // Asynchronously Load the map API var script […]

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Space station camera captures ominous video of Super Typhoon Maysak

April 1, 2015 World

The International Space Station’s High-Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) experiment captured views of Super Typhoon Maysak from space and broadcasted it live on Ustream. Astronauts on board the ISS also took photos of the typhoon, which lashed the tiny island of Yap with strong winds and heavy rain on Tuesday. SEE ALSO: Category 5 Super Typhoon […]

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13 ways to make your unpaid project actually pay off

March 29, 2015 Business

As I got off the video call, I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. After less than an hour of talking about project deliverables like moodboards, user personas, and a responsive WordPress theme, my very first web design client had agreed to sign a contract. Forget that I was covered in anxiety-induced hives — […]

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